Check Out 4 Styles of Conservatories and How They Are Distinct: In Detail

Check Out 4 Styles of Conservatories and How They Are Distinct

A conservatory is custom-built with different choices of raw materials and fixtures depending upon the choice of homeowners. Like different house styles, you can also choose various features and shapes of conservatories in Surrey.
The design of a conservatory is a fundamental element that either breaks or makes the overall look of this space and the entire home. Every conservatory has its look, structure, decoration, and views. Each style has an aesthetic feel and look, depending on how you use the conservatory in your home.

Top Styles for Conservatories That You Need To Check: Key Points

Victorian Conservatories

It is one of the most common conservatories that you see around. The Victorians developed this unique style in the 17th century during Queen Victoria’s reign. These conservatories have pitched roofs, ornate roofing ridges, bell-shaped bayfronts, and other unique designs.

Lean-to Conservatories

The lean-to conservatories or the Mediterranean conservatories are popular choices among homeowners needing more garden space.
These conservatories have three sides and an exterior wall that makes the fourth side. The structure is finished with a sloping roof. They are simple yet perfect to build within the budget.

P-shape Conservatories

The P-shape conservatory gets its name from its shape. The P-shape extension combines different components of a lean-to-conservatory with the Victorian style.
This style is costly compared to the other designs you can get. However, this design includes lots of space that families use for daily tasks.

Sunburst Conservatories

The Georgian architecture defines something fashionable yet functioning. This style was introduced during the rule of King George III. This design is best for its clean and straight linear shapes, stucco finish, large sashed windows, etc.
These conservatories are used for growing plants as warmth helps the delicate fruits and flowers grow throughout the year.

The Roofs of Conservatories

Almost all the conservatories’ roofs are made from glass. But, these days, the builders are also using tiles as roofs. The glass roofing brings lots of light inside. However, with the tiled roofs, you can make your conservatory appear uniform with the rest of your home. The tile conservatory roof is good for insulation, noise reduction, and security features.
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