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Timber Buildings and Summer Houses OUTSIDEinterests

At Outside Interests, we feel it is essential for customers to discuss their requirements when shopping for an outdoor building—especially those who spend a lot of time in their gardens. At Outside Interests, we have a large selection of Timber Buildings and Summer Houses on display in our indoor showroom in Barnham, where our friendly team members can offer help & advice.

We supply and install both Albany and Regency buildings; both companies offer proven, quality buildings with a broad design choice to suit all requirements. We can also provide a unique custom design & build service to create the same building to suit your requirements.

With Timber Buildings and Summer Houses, we use Timber for many reasons. Timber is a cost-effective building material that has many desirable characteristics for outdoor constructions and products. Timber is a natural material used in many ways for building and construction, and it can be easily sourced. As it comes from a natural source, Timber is non-toxic. Therefore, it is safe to handle, and it will not cause any damage to the environment. Due to its lightness, density and grain structure, it is a straightforward material to work with. As mentioned previously, Timber is a cost-effective alternative to other materials. If you consider Timber’s life cycle, it has fewer steps to process than many other building materials, therefore costs less to produce.

We can provide a survey & base laying service to provide a solid foundation for your garden building. Albany offers a broad range of buildings and a versatile range. Regency offers Cedar alternatives and a selection of painted and insulated options.

If you require any additional help or information regarding your Timber Buildings and Summer Houses or what Timber to choose, give us a call or visit our website for more details.

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