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Orangeries in Barnham

Orangeries are a great way to add value and livability to your home. With Orangeries in Barnham, Outside Interests has all the answers!

Orangeries are perfect spaces to have an outdoor dining experience. They offer the functionality of indoor living with all its benefits, but with the outside natural light! You can choose between modern or traditional styles for your new orangery; we provide experienced guidance on which would be best suited depending upon what you want from it and how much space is available.

Here at Outside Interests, we take pride in that our customers can choose their designs. Our interior builders use bespoke designs and advanced glass technologies to ensure a custom fit for your orangery while also maintaining an aesthetically pleasing environment both inside and out!

Gorgeous Orangeries in Barnham attract the attention of everyone who passes by.

Orangeries in Barnham - Styles for Elegant Living Spaces

We want to provide you with the perfect orangery that suits your needs and style and will take all of our options into account, but ultimately it is up to you which design we create for this great space!

We offer several custom-made spaces that are perfect for you. Whether it’s more private living spaces or an open one with a nature connection, we have the right design to match your needs!

Kitchen orangery: The kitchen is the heart of your home, and it’s also one area in which you can spice up things with some creativity. Why not give yourself an elegant new look by extending this space? We offer custom-made glass fittings for our clients who want their kitchens to be unique, beautiful, and functional!

Garden orangery: Have you ever wanted to be in the garden but didn’t want any pesky dirt on your clothes? If so, then consider getting a Garden Orangery! We can make a living area fitted with toughened glass which will allow natural light into its interior while providing privacy for yourself. You’ll feel as though nature is outside through these glass walls.

Living room orangery: Why not turn your living room into an orangery and enjoy the gorgeous outdoors? Our builders can help with simple french doors or bi-folding windows and doors.

Outside Interests are known within West Sussex due to our positive reputation for Orangeries in Barnham.

Add value to your House with Custom-made Orangeries in Barnham

The orangeries in your home can be a great addition to make it even more beautiful and add financial worth. We always advise you if looking for ways to improve the value of your property; we can offer innovative designs that take into consideration what looks best while still being functional. We’re committed to providing excellent customer service as well as being able to help bring your design to life, so don’t hesitate to contact us anytime!

Why Choose Us?

  • We construct perfectly insulated and energy-efficient orangeries to suit all types of weather conditions.
  • We have been in the industry for over 30 years with a positive brand reputation in Barnham.
  • We have trained and experienced designers and builders to create customised and appealing extensions.
  • We offer a vast range of the latest styles for customers to choose from.
  • We construct orangeries that increase the financial value of your property.
  • We offer expert advice on extensions and flexible changes to be made within the property.
  • Our designs blend perfectly to match the existing construction of your house.
  • We adhere to the sustainability and safety guidelines during construction.

Our vision is to build you an enhancing home. So share your plans of orangeries with our designers we will create a beautiful house.

Book your appointment now

If you’re looking for spacious Orangeries in Barnham, then Outside Interests is the company that can help. With our vast experience and knowledge of all things orangery-related, we will work closely with your design brief to produce an exterior space that exceeds expectations! We look forward to hearing from you soon, so book now before it’s too late.

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Interested In Our Services?

Interested In Our Services?

Established in 1985, Outside Interests are a leading local design & build company. With over thirty-five years’ experience in the design and construction of orangeries and conservatories.

Successfully trading from our large indoor showroom in the heart of Barnham village. We also offer replacement roof systems, providing enhanced performance and economy to existing conservatories and re-modernisation of current living space.