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Bespoke Orangery in Arundel

Are you looking to have a functional room added to your home which displays the walls and ceilings through a conventional extension, brightening the room? Why not look into purchasing a bespoke Orangery in Arundel? Used for many different reasons, family rooms, studies, dining rooms, workout spaces or even a kitchen, they’re the best option for adding additional space and value to your property.

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Orangery in Arundel Tailored To You

Here at Outside Interests, we create gorgeous orangeries with advanced engineering. Every Orangery in Arundel we design is crafted with a mix of classic and contemporary architectural elements. We have a range of materials to hand such as Timber, Aluminium and many more. We use these to create a blend of colours, textures, tones and finishes.

Our design specialists manage to scale the proportion of all designs, ensuring a customised plan tailored to you and your needs for an Orangery in Arundel.

Why Choose Outside Interests?

Outside Interests have been around for over 30 years and are forever growing! Our team is always working towards improving and refining ideas and design strategies.

Every Orangery in Arundel designed by us reflects the magnificence of classic architecture whilst having the functionality of modern designs. All of our designs are custom-made by our team; the design reflects the effort we put in, implementing functionality, safety and comfort.

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Supporting the Community

In 2014 the Lottery funded Community hall in Barnham opened. The hall provides a focal point for the local community and provides a stunning venue for all manner of activities, for example:
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