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Bespoke Orangery in Surrey

Have you been thinking about purchasing an Orangery in Surrey? If so, you’ve come to the right place! An addition to your home can allow for many reasons. Family rooms, studies, and dining areas are just some of them that will benefit from having more space while also adding value.

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Orangery in Surrey Tailored To You

We have the perfect team to build you a perfect orangery. Our skilled and professional builders can create a luxurious or inviting place for you. You could choose between different materials like timber, aluminium etc., depending on what blend of colours, textures and finishes that suit both old-fashioned charm with modern design elements would be best suited too (we’re happy if no one has any idea). With us as project managers scaling proportionate designs across bespoke plans ensuring every detail is taken care off; there won’t even need much maintenance once everything’s done.

Why Choose Outside Interests

30 years of experience? Our experts are constantly growing and looking at how they can forever improve, refining ideas.

The design process for your Orangery begins with a meeting between you and our team. We want to make sure that it’s not just visually pleasing but also works well in terms of functionality; after all, this is going on your property! We combine both aesthetics and function into every project while staying true to form when creating beautiful designs from classic architecture styles.

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Supporting the Community

In 2014 the Lottery funded Community hall in Barnham opened. The hall provides a focal point for the local community and provides a stunning venue for all manner of activities, for example:
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