Here’s Why YOU Should Grow Plants in Your Summer House

Here’s Why YOU Should Grow Plants in Your Summer House

Imagine having a space that boosts your mood, gives you energy, and reduces stress.

Sounds pretty idyllic, right?

Luckily, that can become your reality pretty easily.

Summer houses have grown significantly in popularity over the past few years, particularly throughout the Covid-19 pandemic. They’re the perfect space to unwind, be creative, socialise or get some much-needed respite from the house in the heart of nature.

If you had a summer house installed in your garden during the lockdown, it’s probably about time you thought about sprucing it up a little. Whether you’re using your summer house as a workspace, a room to practice your hobbies or a hub to hang out with friends, there’s always room for a little greenery.

Enter: plants.

Make it Green!

If you’re keen to relax in your garden, there’s a high chance you’re not opposed to a little nature inside your summer house.

The conditions of a summer house are perfect for letting your houseplants thrive, particularly if you opt for large windows. It would be difficult for your plants not to grow, soaking in the natural light and warmth of the sun. 

However, while you can certainly help your plants by putting them in your summer house, your plants can also help you through their natural healing properties. 

Less Stress, More Happiness

Turns out, there’s no hobby quite as calming and therapeutic as caring for plants.

Potting soil contains a type of bacteria that has been proven to reduce stress. Tending to plants will also increase your serotonin levels, making you happier and less anxious overall.

Let's Get Creative...

Garden offices are becoming more and more popular with each passing year. With all their benefits, it’s not hard to see why.

However, we can all use a little productivity boost every once in a while. Studies have shown that having plants in the vicinity can increase creativity and productivity levels by 15%.

A natural, affordable, visually-pleasing way of improving your work… How good is that?

Breathe Easy

As crazy as it sounds, indoor air can actually be more polluted than outside air. The risks of air pollution are numerous, from asthma to lung disease.

Many common household plants can improve air quality by filtering out all the bad stuff.

Moreover, some plants are a great alternative to dehumidifiers due to their ability to absorb water vapours through their leaves.

How You Can Help

Of course, houseplants need optimal conditions to survive. Being out in nature will play a big part in this, but there are a few other things you can do to help them out.

By insulating your summer house, you ensure that the environment stays at a moderate temperature all year round. Pay attention to the plant’s individual needs, giving it plenty of water and trimming them where necessary.

How You Can Help

Need help styling, designing, installing or building your summer house? We get it. It sure can seem like a complicated process.

Here’s the secret, though.

It doesn’t have to be that way.

Our team is full of seasoned experts who are deeply passionate about helping customers find their comfiest space. We’re all about functionality, adaptability and unparalleled customer service, which is why we go out of our way every time to make the experience and result perfect for the customer.

Get in touch with the team at Outside Interests to discuss your needs for a summer house. If you want a close up look at some of our work, feel free to pop down to our Barnham showroom today.

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