Upgrade Your Log Cabin With These Tips

Upgrade Your Log Cabin With These Tips

If you have a house, you’ve probably felt like you could be making better use of your space at one point or another. The once-lovely place you invested in has sadly fallen into disrepair and neglect. If this sounds like a remotely familiar situation, you could be in need of a space makeover. 

Using Your Log Cabin in the Right Way

Log cabins are a great place to enjoy nature’s sounds, whether you’re by yourself or with friends and family. There is nothing more relaxing than escaping into nature and taking in the fresh air. When you’re home, be sure to open up those windows; it will help take care of your health while also giving off an amazing aroma!

Doesn’t that sound inviting?

We think so, too. We’re here to help you make your log cabin the perfect space for relaxation. If you want to make the most of your log cabin, check out our tips below!


There’s no need to venture out into the pub when you can have your own bar in the back garden.

Just imagine: It’s summertime. The sun is still shining bright and warm, even though it’s almost time for sunset. While you’re in the mood for a break from reality, there’s only one place to go – your own personal log cabin. You pour yourself an ice-cold drink from your bar on this gorgeous day where all of life’s problems seem far away, as if they never even existed. You enjoy the last hour of your day with a good book or magazine, getting lost in thought and forgetting about time passing by.

That sounds exactly like our ideal scenario!

If you are looking to make your log cabin complete, a stylish and solid bar may be the perfect addition. The drinks bar is the perfect accessory for entertaining or relaxing on your own. You’ll be happy and satisfied all year long!

Solar Energy

Even if you’re hoping to escape from the world, you will likely still need some form of power in your log cabin. You may want to light up the space so you can read your book late into the night or even meditate with some relaxing music.

You may want to consider installing a solar panel kit on your cabin if you live in an area that gets plenty of sun, as it’s a more environmentally-friendly form of energy. These kits are easy to find and typically include a small solar panel, a power bank, a lamp switch and some LED bulbs. With these, you can light up the room and even charge your phone whenever needed.


While many people assume that log cabins need to be all hardwood to match the trees outside, it can be nice to add a little extra comfort and a pop of colour with a stylish rug. Your rug is not only a statement piece, but it can also help protect your hardwood floor from scratches and dirt.

The Sweet Escape Away From Reality

The cabin you’ve always wanted is just around the corner. Contact Outside Interests and start the process of building your perfect log cabin today. Looking for new inspiration? Check out our website or head to the Barnham showroom, where you can see our designs up close and in person. We’re here to help you with any questions and advise how best to style your cabin.

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